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Mindy Small

Mindy Small is a Licensed Mortgage Broker in London, ON who has over 30 years experience in the financial and mortgage industry.


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About Her

When I started working as a mortgage specialist in London, Ontario, my youngest son was only 4 years old. He was having a hard time being away from me (although he hates to hear me say that now!) so I thought, "why not try working from home?" I had spent a number of years in the banking industry as well as working for a large Life Insurance Company in their Mutual Funds Department. Helping people with their finances was in my blood! Fast forward a number of years and I am still loving both my career and my home life. Working from home in the beginning afforded me the opportunity to take care of what was most dear to me, but also allowed me the opportunity to learn the mortgage industry inside and out. The first couple of years, I didn't make a big push to do as many mortgages as possible. Instead, I was dedicated to learning everything I could about mortgages and financing.

During this time, my goal was to learn precisely how to help my clients "secure" the best mortgage for them, while taking the time to share my knowledge with my clients so that they, too, could learn everything they needed to know about financial planning and mortgages.

If you were to speak with my clients, they would describe me as honest, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, fun and informed. I love to laugh but this never distracts me from the task at hand.

I advanced my education from agent to Mortgage Broker.

Education is the key, and I am committed to learning everything I can about the mortgage industry, in order to offer as much knowledge and support to my clients as possible. I always have (and always will) work to place clients in the mortgage that best suits their needs.

Complete client satisfaction is my top goal and I strive for nothing less. While some mortgage brokers feel their job is done when the deal is complete, I always make myself available after the mortgage closing for any questions that might come up.

Remember: Your Mortgage Broker is the person who not only looks after you through the mortgage process but also for the lifetime of your mortgage.

I look forward to helping you learn everything you need to know about mortgages, find you the best mortgage available on the market, and becoming a part of your support team for years to come!