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How To Buy Your Next House Before You Sell Your Current One

Mindy Small

London’s real estate market has really taken a leap near the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. Multiple offers are becoming a common reality for many properties, with the London Free Press citing that there have been as many as 20 offers on any given property!

The real estate frenzy we’re seeing here in London, Ontario makes it a perfect time to sell a home, but a not-so-perfect time to buy a property. In last month's blog post, we wrote about the importance of speaking with your mortgage broker before purchasing a property, because in this market, a few days’ delay on getting a mortgage pre-approval can mean the difference between making an offer that will be accepted and one that will be rejected. 

But, what if you’re trying to both sell your current home and buy a new one? How can you structure your financing to ease the transition between the sale of your home and the purchase of another one?

For some of our clients, the answer is to do the process in reverse: buy first and sell second. Or, at least, have the closing date on your purchase property be sooner than the closing date of your sold property.

Wouldn’t that require having the funds to carry two mortgages? Not necessarily.

There’s a type of financing that has been a favourite for home buyers and sellers in hot real estate market called a “bridge loan.” A bridge loan is an inexpensive, short-term financing tool that provides you with the ability to purchase a home while waiting for your current home to complete its sale. The cost and value of a bridge loan depends on the equity in your home, your initial down payment, and your home’s current value.  

Getting a bridge loan is a popular strategy in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, and is increasing in use here in London, Ontario. It means that your buy and sell dates don’t have to overlap…making it much more convenient if you needed to, for example, offer an earlier closing date when buying your new home to make your offer more attractive than the other bidders.

Many homeowners have found that a bridge loan helps them move into a place a few days or weeks early in order to get settled in before they have to be out of their other home. There’s nothing like having the freedom to put on a fresh coat of paint without kids or pets underfoot—or all your furniture and boxes stacked up in the middle of every room.

Bridge loans are only one of many solutions for homeowners looking to sell and buy in this very busy market. Now more than ever, speaking with a mortgage broker to know all of your options is your best bet so you can move forward confidently and with the right information to make the best decision.

If you are interested in buying your next home before selling your current home, schedule an appointment with us to understand your options. It's oftentimes easier than you think!

Thanks for reading!

Mike De SousaMindy Small

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